Hi there! I’m Wonalancet – Lancey for short and I’m Lanceys Pals mascot! I kinda got this whole “website” thing started…

Ya see back in 2001, Ma was living across from a dairy farm and I was just about to meet her… See, I was born in that dairy farm. Unfortunately, my feline mom was killed by a car when I was only a week old… That’s when the Owner of the farm found me, scooped me up and brought me to Mom.

Mom stayed up for weeks bottle feeding me! Oh, I guess she slept, but I didn’t see her sleep!

We’ve been through a LOT together! It’s 2017 and throughout the years, I’ve been diagnosed with Feline asthma, seizures, allergies, diabetes… Ma never gave up on me though! She said that I was one smart cookie and that my quality of life was good! In the early 2000’s, the internet was an “up & coming” thing. So Ma made a website just about me!! I sure was a handsome young dude and I LOVED having my picture taken!

Ma taught me many things! Like “Sit, Stay, Leave it, Come, Up, Down, Bedtime”… I know LOTS more too!

Anyways… Here is it the end of Dec 2017 and I’m now a transient diabetic and my allergies and asthma are under control. However, I’ve been diagnosed with SinoNasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Mom’s been giving me my meds religiously and has started me on some Naturopathic stuff.