Hi there! I’m Wonalancet – Lancey for short and I’m Lancey’s Pals mascot! I kinda got this whole “website” thing started…

Ya see back in 2001, Ma was living across from a dairy farm and I was just about to meet her… See, I was born in that dairy farm. Unfortunately, my feline mom was killed by a car when I was only a week old… That’s when the Owner of the farm found me, scooped me up and brought me to Mom.

Mom stayed up for weeks bottle feeding me! Oh, I guess she slept, but I didn’t see her sleep!

We’ve been through a LOT together! It’s 2017 and throughout the years, I’ve been diagnosed with Feline asthma, seizures, allergies, diabetes… Ma never gave up on me though! She said that I was one smart cookie and that my quality of life was good! In the early 2000’s, the internet was an “up & coming” thing. So Ma made a website just about me!! I sure was a handsome young dude and I LOVED having my picture taken!

Ma taught me many things! Like “Sit, Stay, Leave it, Come, Up, Down, Bedtime”… I know LOTS more too!

I’m now a transient diabetic and my allergies and asthma are under control. However, in July of 2016, I was  diagnosed with SinoNasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Mom’s been giving me my meds religiously and has started me on some Naturopathic stuff. I did extremely well!

My Vet moved out of state in Dec of 2017. So, Mom found me a new Vet. My first appointment was in January ’18. I thought she was O’kay… But what cat likes the kitty doc anyways??

In Feb, I wasn’t feeling well. So, back to the Vet we go! Lots of tests were done and I was not a happy camper!

The diagnosis isn’t good… I have liver cancer and the Vet says 2 weeks or less and I’ll be traveling to Rainbow Bridge. I’m going to miss my mom, dad, brothers and sisters! Mom is beside herself! I keep telling her that I’ll be fine! She’s still sad though…

Over the years, mom and I have gone through so much and learned a LOT! So we wanted to share our experiences and things that helped us along the way. Each week we’ll be discussing a different topic and aspect of my life plus some of my antics!

As of March 4th, ’18, I’m still here with mom. When I cross over, I’ll have mom tell you. Don’t be sad for me though! I came, conquered, loved and had fun while I was here!